About IntraNätverk/IntraTeam

Through eventsnetworking meetingswebinars, and consultancy, we have since 2000 contributed to supporting companies’ work in developing and optimising intranets and digitisation on internal platforms.

The many different competencies and characteristics represented in our network provide us with a strong foundation for offering relevant and many-sided events, meetings, webinars, and qualified advice.

Since 2000, we have hosted major events focused on intranets, communication, Digital Employee Experience,  and the digital workplace. Two international conferences – one in Copenhagen and one in Stockholm. In parallel, we hold interesting online events as well.

IntraTeam is working closely with IntraNätverk, and they are organising events, networking meetings and webinars. IntraNätverk is headquartered in Malmö and IntraTeam in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Do you have any questions or problems? You are welcome to contact us by sending an email to info@intranatverk.se



Address and bank information 

IntraNätverk AB
Diakongatan 32
216 23 Malmö

VAT: SE 556946 416601
(Org. nr: 556944-4166)

+46 70 99 60 111