Focus in the Age of Distraction

Room: Stopet-Sejdeln

In this crazy, busy world we are competing for a share of attention – to get your attention, to keep our own attention and not be distracted. What does that mean for your employee’s experience? With digital technology, we’re working longer and harder than ever before – but actually getting less done. Productivity is declining and it’s impacting on our wellbeing with increased stress and burnout. In this talk Jane will cover how to manage your own and your team’s attention so to improve their experience at work.

Key takeaways:

• What is digital distraction and how is it impacting our work, team and organisations
• How we can change our own behavior to be more focused, productive and creative
• How we can as team leaders help our teams to be more focused, productive and creative
• How organisations can create a culture that values real productivity not long hours

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