How to create a digital workplace that empowers people

Room: Bryggarsalen

The nature of work is changing, becoming more collaborative and non-routine, and organizations increasingly depend on this kind of work, but have often been poor at supporting it.

The digital work environments that employees find themselves in are overly complex, fragmented and inconsistent, creating a bad user experience that reduces engagement and productivity.

Furthermore, employees lack tools and ways of working that make cross-organization communication, sharing and collaboration easy.

Oscar Berg will introduce you to why the digital work environment needs to be transformed into a digital workplace that empowers the employees, and how it can be done.


Key takeaways:


– The rapid technological change and increasing expectations from customers requires organisations to adopt modern digital ways of working

– The digital workplace is a key enabler of digital ways of working, but also in creating a great employee experience that makes employees engaged and productive

– A value-focused, user-centric and holistic approach to the digital workplace is required to create such a digital workplace

– This, in turn, requires organizations to use a creative, collaborative and iterative process a methodology for strategy and design that relies on empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing

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