Frank Giroux, <br> Bayer (DE)</br>

Frank Giroux,
Bayer (DE)

Head of digital assistance program

– Head of digital assistant services at Bayer Services since 2016
– Studied industrial engineering in Berlin and Toulouse
– 5 years of experience as  team lead in the marketing and CRM BI area
– 12 years of experience as project manager in product supply IT projects
– Broad international experience (USA, Vietnam, China, European countries)
– Specialist for innovation methods (design thinking, agile project methods, organizational embedment of innovation activities).
– SCM management award for project in Crop area: Supply chain breakthrough of the year 2017
– Several conference lectures in the environment of search, innovation processes and chatbots.
– Publication: Waste material controlling – Winter, 2000

Bayers way to a large scale internal chatbot implementation program

Room: Stopet-Sejdeln

Chatbots are currently being sold as the antidote to all problems of information access. This seems to be the perfect virtual companion: Always available, always accurate, always entertaining. But when you start digging deeper into current solutions, you quickly learn, that these companions are hard to tease and expensive to maintain. Bayer is running a […]

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