Gabriel Rath, <br> OstseeSparkasse Rostock (DE)</br>

Gabriel Rath,
OstseeSparkasse Rostock (DE)

Communication Manager

Gabriel Rath was born in 1980 in Rostock at the baltic sea. He grew up in the former GDR and studied Poltical Science. He started rapping as a teenager and could get a record deal from the label magnum12 in 2005. After some years of producing music and touring germany he discovered social networks as a new tool to market himself. He started working for agencys in Hamburg around 2009 in terms of social media marketing. After further jobs as an online marketing expert at a tech startup and a software company he started working for the bank OstseeSparkasse Rostock, where he is responsible for the cultural development of the social intranet ”ospa connect” as a social network. Social collaboration is his favourite topic both in his daily job and his blogging and podcasting. Besides that he is a famous speaker to talk about social collaboration in a bank. The married father of 3 girls still love music though. Last year he performed in front of 33.000 people in the soccer stadium of Rostock besides the popular german rapper marteria.

Shaping digital change. The Difficult Change from One-Way Communication to Real Social Networking in a Bank

Room: Bryggarsalen

The bank OstseeSparkasse Rostock is one of the most successful banks in Germany, because it is very sales driven and open for innovation. In 2015 a social intranet was introduced to the 700 employees. The journey from a hierarchy to a social network is the topic of the talk. Key takeaways:  • The role of […]

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