James Robertson,  STEP TWO (AUS)

James Robertson, STEP TWO (AUS)

Founder & MD: Step Two

James Robertson is one of the global experts on intranet strategy and design.

He is the author of Essential intranets: inspiring sites that deliver value, What every intranet team should know and Designing intranets: creating sites that work, the three best-selling intranet books in the world. He has also written over two hundred articles and a variety of best-practice resources, including the Intranet Roadmap.

James is the founder and managing director of Step Two, a vendor-neutral consultancy located in Australia. In this role, he has helped high-profile organisations to develop intranet strategies, both within Australia and internationally.

James has keynoted conferences around the globe, including in the UK, USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. As a certified trainer, he regularly runs one and two-day practical workshops on intranet strategy and design, both within Australia and internationally.

Workshop – Exploring the five purposes of modern intranets

As per our conference website, here’s the outline for my workshop: Today’s intranets play a crucial role in the digital workplace, providing an ‘enterprise front door’ for staff, plus the functionality needed to help work get done. This session will explore the leading edge of modern intranets, across five fundamental areas: 1. content 2. communication […]

Employee Experience Intranet & Digital Workplace

KEYNOTE: The five super powers of DEX

Room: Bryggarsalen

Digital employee experience (DEX) provides a truly strategic approach to helping staff get work done, as well as fostering overall staff engagement. Drawing on the success of customer experience (CX), digital employee experience is the next way of strategic change in organisations. This presentation by James Robertson will explore five powers of DEX: – people […]

Employee Experience Intranet & Digital Workplace