Jane Piper, <br> Pipsy (CH)</br>

Jane Piper,
Pipsy (CH)

Organisational Psychologist

Jane Piper is an expert on digital wellbeing and author of the book Focus in the Age of Distraction. As a Organisational Psychologist she helps individuals and organisations to manage their energy and mental wellbeing in a digital and rapidly changing workplace. Her aim is to making work better through better ways of working.

Jane has two decades of corporate experience in knowledge and technology driven companies in the airline, engineering and pharmaceutical fields. She now consults to companies such as Amcor, Roche, Swarovski and Barry Callebaut.

She is a New Zealander who has lived much longer than planned in Zürich, Switzerland, bringing a unique mix of Kiwi creativity combined with Swiss organisational efficiency. She works well across cultures and from people from all walks of life. Being naturally curious about people she studied psychology to a Masters level and became a New Zealand Registered Psychologist. Later she completed MBA at Henley Management College in UK, strengthening her business focus. Now she combines her people and business skills to help organisations create engaging and productive workplaces.

Focus in the Age of Distraction

Room: Bryggarsalen

In this crazy, busy world we are competing for a share of attention – to get your attention, to keep our own attention and not be distracted. What does that mean for your employee’s experience? With digital technology, we’re working longer and harder than ever before – but actually getting less done. Productivity is declining […]

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