Jesper Bylund, <br> Region Skåne</br> (SE)

Jesper Bylund,
Region Skåne

Intranet manager

Jesper is the intranet manager at Region Skåne, Sweden’s 3rd largest health care provider. He’s been in the intranet business for 16 years and thought about and built intranets in the public sector. The latest creation is an intranet game, built in his private time, for getting the governance right for the product.

Workshop: The Intranet Governance Game

Room: Ölmamsellen

There is a saying in english, ”passing the buck”, which means the act of attributing one’s own responsibility to another person or group. The Intranet Governance Game aims to end the buck-passing related to intranets. The game clarifies what needs to be done when taking care of an intranet. Key takeaways:  • Be the first […]

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Session: TBA – Västra Götalandsregionen & The new intranet at Region Skåne – personlised and focused on getting the health care work done

Room: Stopet-Sejdeln

Joint session from Region Skåne & Västra Götalandsregionen A good intranet is not just a digital staff journal. In order to give real return on investment the intranet must be the core business system for enhanced efficiency. Excellent supportive info for ordinary employees, the right kind of internal news, a dose of intranet-as-a-digital-dashboard philosophy and […]

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