Kurt Kragh Sørensen, <br>IntraTeam (DK) <br/>

Kurt Kragh Sørensen,
IntraTeam (DK)

CEO and intranet/digital workplace consultant

Kurt Kragh Sørensen lives in Aarhus, Denmark and is the CEO and intranet/digital workplace consultant at IntraTeam. Kurt Kragh Sørensen heads the largest intranet/digital workplace membership organization about intranet and digital workplaces in Scandinavia and has offered consultancy services, workshops and lectures on intranets, knowledge sharing, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 since 2000.

Kurt and IntraTeam offer a DEX (Digital Employee Experience) benchmark limited to the intranet, digital collaboration and ESN. The benchmark has 200+ participants. The benchmark gives you an overall score and is broken down into 22 categories. He also can compare you with similar industries.

Contact Kurt@IntraTeam.dk if you want to participate.

Kurt enjoys sharing knowledge about practical use of technology, so everybody can have a better (working)life.