Kurt Kragh Sørensen, <br> IntraTeam (DK)</br>

Kurt Kragh Sørensen,
IntraTeam (DK)

Kurt Kragh Sørensen Aarhus, Denmark, is the CEO and intranet/digital workplace consultant at IntraTeam.

Kurt Kragh Sørensen heads the largest intranet/digital workplace membership organization about intranet and digital workplaces in Scandinavia, and has offered consultancy services, workshops and lectures on intranets, knowledge sharing, SharePoint and Office 365 since 2000.

Kurt and IntraTeam offers an intranet/digital workplace survey/benchmark. The survey has over 230 participants and over 140 benchmarked organizations. The survey and the benchmark can be broken down to industries and the benchmark offers 18-19 categories to be benchmarked in and an overall score.

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