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Lee Bryant,


Lee is a pioneer of social technologies in the enterprise. He is a co-founder of Postshift, which helps firms design, develop and deploy organisational operating systems that take advantage of digital technologies. His team have developed industry-leading methods and techniques for helping established firms transition to become more agile, adaptive and connected.  

Postshift have played a leading role in transformation efforts at large European firms such as Bosch, Daimler and Continental, as well as leading professional services and financial firms in the UK. Lee is also an educator and executive coach specialising in digital leadership and agile management, working on learning programmes for leading corporates. 

Workshop: Using the Intranet as an engine for employee experience improvement

Room: Ölmamsellen

What’s wrong with employee experience • process accretion • broken processes • systems designed for the org not the employee • why this matters for the org, people and CX Agile approach to employee experience Continuous Improvement • digital hub • digital guides & concierge • describe overall strategy -> action agile loop • using […]

Employee Experience English Intranet & Digital Workplace

Filling the digital leadership gap

Room: Bryggarsalen

• Why we should expect more from our leaders on digital • How an engaged digital workplace can play a role in digital strategy • Using the digital workplace to advance automation and agile working • Fixing broken processes and paving thecowpathsof work coordination • Putting the digital workplace at the heart of a neworganisationaloperating […]

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