Neil Morgan, <br> Glencore (CH)</br>

Neil Morgan,
Glencore (CH)

Head of Digital Workplace Experience

Transforming the digital employee experience inside and outside the traditional workplace.

Neil has been working in the domain of Intranet management for over 15 years solving business challenges with digital solutions on a variety platforms in close collaboration with Communications, Marketing and IT teams around the world. He is a strategic thinker with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to engage with stakeholders throughout all levels of an organization to better understand the needs of the business.

Delivering a personalized employee experience for the Digital workplace

Room: Bryggarsalen

Today’s corporate intranets are playing a critical role in employee engagement and becoming core to the employee experience. By personalizing that experience, so it’s tailored to employees’ preferences and tasks, you can foster a workforce that’s more engaged and productive. Participants will hear from Glencore’s Head of Digital Workplace Experience, Neil Morgan about how Glencore […]

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