Rikard Spålséus, Swedish Match (SWE)

Rikard Spålséus, Swedish Match (SWE)

Internal Communications Channels Manager & Award Winner

As responsible for Swedish Match’s intranet, Rikard Spålséus was awarded best intranet 2017 by Web Service Award in Sweden.

Rikard has been working with SharePoint based intranets and internal communications for over 10 years. With sometimes challenging thoughts about unnecessary complexity in intranets and heavy use of social media in internal communications, Rikard balances the seriousness of business with the fun and joy of working.

In Swedish: Go with the flow – how to succeed with your intranet by adapting to people’s behaviors instead of adapting the people to the intranet

Room: Bryggarsalen

Today, people know how to use Facebook, Google and YouTube. This is common ground for all of us. And when it comes to working with documents, we know how to put them in folders. But when it comes to intranets, this very valuable knowledge is worth nothing because we are to post articles using complicated […]

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