DIY intranets: what the marketing doesn’t tell you

Room: Bryggarsalen

In this session, Fresh Intranet Product Director, David Bowman, lifts the lid on the pitfalls of going the DIY route when it comes to your organisation’s intranet.

Whether you have started on your intranet journey, or not, you need to know what the marketing won’t tell you. From missing features, to lack of content curation options, from admin complexities to poor employee uptake, the DIY route is a perilous one.

Find out why you don’t need to go back to the bad old days of the intranet, when there are better options available that keep you on the Microsoft roadmap.

Key takeaways:

  • – Understand why SharePoint is a great option for your intranet or digital workplace
  • – Identify where the gaps in the out-of-the-box offerings are
  • – Avoid common mistakes and surprises during implementation
DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Governance Internal Communication Intranet/Digital Workplace Microsoft 365 & SharePoint