IntraTeam Event Stockholm 2022

20 October 2022

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Why should I attend?

Global intranets and internal communication are incredible enablers for making the world a better place to work and making organisations more efficient, but you need to do it right.  

At this conference, you will meet and interact with world-leading experts within modern intranets and internal communication and learn how to: 

– Adopt and develop your intranet  
– Avoid common mistakes during implementation 
– Manage an intranet user requirements project 
– Understand the importance of organisational cultures 
– Develop the business case  
– Define the personas  
– Test and be responsive to users and new technology 
– Care about your general and people search 
– Use Viva Connections and Microsoft Teams as an ExP (Experience Platform) 
– Understand SharePoint Modern out-of-the-box and its limitations  
– Use Yammer as a key internal communications channel 

When you leave IntraTeam Event, you will have acquired new knowledge and experience that you can apply during your next day at work. 






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