Generative AI – what internal comms needs to know

Room: Bryggarsalen

Generative AI, ChatGPT and the recently announced Co-pilots from Microsoft are unavoidable topics in social media and in the board room.

Cutting through the noise makes it difficult to assess if these services are a passing fad or will be valuable. What role will you, internal communicators, play to convert this obscure stranger into a productive pal?

In this session Dave Bowman will take a pragmatic, non-technical and ever-so-slightly SharePoint orientated look at the implications of ChatGPT and friends as well as a preview of the forthcoming Co-pilots from Microsoft.

Key takeaways:

  • – Understand what generative AI and apps like Chat GPT are
  • – Learn how Microsoft will be utilizing this technology in Microsoft 365
  • – Understand the implications for intranets and internal communications
DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Internal Communication Intranet/Digital Workplace Microsoft 365 & SharePoint New Technologies