How we won an intranet and digital workplace gold award

Room: Bryggarsalen

Navigating the intricate digital landscape, we found our North Star in genuine user involvement.  

Our recent accolade—a gold medal in Step Two’s 2023 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards (IDWA) —was not just a testament to our dedication but could perhaps also be a beacon for others navigating similar waters.  

 Join us as we unravel our journey, highlighting the nuanced use of impact maps, their overarching meta-counterpart, and the importance of measuring the final impact.

Key takeaways:

  • – The cornerstone of our work: unyielding commitment to understanding and involving our users.
  • – The transformative synergy of impact maps and meta impact map as guides and measurers of our progress.
  • – Embracing continuous improvement with humility, by measuring if we are further from or closer to a land of milk and honey.
DEX (Digital Employee Experience) End User Focus Intranet/Digital Workplace