Patrik Bergman,  Malmö stad (SE)

Patrik Bergman, Malmö stad (SE)

Intranet owner

As an architect of the digital cosmos, I transcend the ordinary, embracing the essence of Sisyphus’ joy in toil. I reshape the landscape of learning and workplace frontiers, embodying the spirit of Prometheus to illuminate the obscure corners of the world. 

 That means I take care of an intranet for 28 000 employees in 14 self governing förvaltningar incorporating 400 professions, helping them swear less.  

 Hard but fun.  

 Won a gold medal at the IDWA 2023 for our intranet and our relentless focus on end users with surveys, an impact map, and a meta impact map.  

 This since, as we all know, meta philosophy is so rewarding. 

How we won an intranet and digital workplace gold award

Room: Bryggarsalen

Navigating the intricate digital landscape, we found our North Star in genuine user involvement.   Our recent accolade—a gold medal in Step Two’s 2023 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards (IDWA) —was not just a testament to our dedication but could perhaps also be a beacon for others navigating similar waters.    Join us as we unravel our […]

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