Dodi Axelson, <br> Cytiva (SE) <br/>

Dodi Axelson,
Cytiva (SE)

Vice President, Global Group Communications

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Dodi Axelson is a corporate leader, moderator and podcaster.

Dodi Axelson is always on the hunt for good stories. She has a proven track record and 20+ years of experience in corporate communications for multinational companies.

At Cytiva since 2018, Dodi has led communications through transitions from being part of GE, to building a standalone operating company under Danaher, and then merging with sister company Pall Life Sciences. Dodi keeps the team directed toward interactive and inclusive conversations and is (in)famous for creating impactful global broadcasts and events.

A podcast fan as well as host of several podcasts, including “Discovery Matters” by Cytiva, Dodi has been asking the important questions ever since she started her career in newsradio in Seattle, Washington.

Experiences with AI

Room: Bryggarsalen

Cytiva is experimenting with AI to enhance communication and collaboration within the organization. We will hear how using AI can help improve customer experiences, and increase efficiency. The presentation will discuss the challenges and opportunities that Cytiva faced in implementing AI technology, as well as the lessons learned and best practices that emerged from the […]

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