Donal Phipps, <br> Cytiva (UK) <br/>

Donal Phipps,
Cytiva (UK)

Applied AI Leader

Donal Phipps is driven by the creative and collaborative genius of human beings. As Applied AI leader at Cytiva, he aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence and cloud technology to create new value. He builds on previous experience in digital marketing with multinationals such as GE Healthcare and Jaguar Land Rover, but spends a majority of his time immersed in a future where individuals are liberated from mundane tasks through automation and AI, so we can focus on learning, actualizing and making a lasting impact.

Experiences with AI

Room: Bryggarsalen

Cytiva is experimenting with AI to enhance communication and collaboration within the organization. We will hear how using AI can help improve customer experiences, and increase efficiency. The presentation will discuss the challenges and opportunities that Cytiva faced in implementing AI technology, as well as the lessons learned and best practices that emerged from the […]

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